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Septik System Maintenance

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Home Maintenance | November 5, 2019

Septic system

What you put into your septic system greatly affects its ability to function and perform its job as intended. Like most homeowners, you probably never give much thought to what happens when waste goes down your drain. But if you rely on a septic system to treat and dispose of your household wastewater, what you don’t know can hurt you. These systems are not designed to treat any garbage or waste other than sewage waste and any solids that shouldn’t enter the tank will simply build up and eventually need to be pumped or removed. Did you know that maintaining your septic system can be done for just a few hundred dollars every 3 – 5 years? Septic care and water conservation will help to extend the life of your septic system. Improperly maintained septic systems are a risk to your health and the environment because they can contaminate local water sources. Maintain your septic system regularly to save you thousands of dollars in the future. Follow this steeps: Don’t put any toxic or hazardous chemicals in your septic.

"Don’t wash coffee grinds, food scraps, including grease and cooking oils down the drain."

Household cleaners such as bleach, disinfectants, and toilet bowl cleaners should be used in moderation and only in accordance with product labels. Overuse of these products can harm your system. Even a small amount of a drain cleaner can disrupt the operation of your tank so avoid if possible. Don’t use the toilet to dispose of plastics, paper towels, pharmaceuticals, facial tissues, feminine hygiene products, cigarette butts, dental floss, disposable diapers, kitty litter, etc.

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